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Main Switchboard:  0300 422 2222
Eye Casualty Queries: 0300 422 3578  8am - 8.00pm (closed 1pm-2pm) 7 days a week


**COVID-19 Resources** 

Access our dedicated COVID-19 Resources page from the left hand menu or here. Now includes a section for mental health support during the crisis.


AGM 7pm Thursday June 4th 2020

This years's AGM will be a virtual meeting. More details to follow. A copy of this year's accounts is downloadable from the right of this page or here


May 6th 2020

An updated list of those practices available to provide urgent/emergency eyecare throughout Gloucestershire is available here (May 6th update). The list is available in alternative formats from our dedicated page here.

Please use this list from now on.


April 18th 2020

The Updated OFNC Statement and Guidance on changes to primary eye care in England, is available here


April 9th 2020 - Glos NHSFT Eye Triage Hours Extended

The hours for the Eye Casualty Triage Line have been extended.

Now available   8am - 8.00pm (closed 1pm-2pm) 7 days a week

Tel: 0300 422 3578


April 2nd 2020

The OFNC guidance on changes to primary eye care in England, can be downloaded here


 April 1st 2020

The Optical Fees Negotiating Committee (OFNC) statement concerning NHSE COVID-19 Guidance for optical practices in England, is available as a download here

The full NHSE Guidance letter is available here


March 30th 2020

A WhatsApp group has been set up for the support of colleagues who are actively carrying out phone/video call triage and emergency/essential care of our patients during the Covid-19 crisis. It is open to optometrists/contact lens opticians/dispensing opticians/practice managers etc. This will allow for quick opinions/advice from colleagues and effective signposting for any colleagues that may not be in a position to carry out the required care for a patient their specific situation requires.

If you wish to join, please e-mail ankur.trivedi@primaryeyecare.co.uk with the mobile number you use for WhatsApp and you will be added.


March 26th 2020

Thank you to all practices that have responded to the request below. A list of those practices available to provide urgent/emergency eyecare throughout Gloucestershire is available here (April 3rd update). The list is available in alternative formats from our dedicated page here.

We understand that the situation at the current time is very fluid. If any practice needs to change the details of its availability please let us know immediately using

Email: emergencylistupdates@glosloc.co.uk

Thank you

March 24th 2020

You will be aware of the immediate closure of all shops and the government advice to stay at home. Whilst these restrictions are in place, there will still be small numbers of patients requiring urgent care.

Please let us know immediately if you plan to maintain provision of urgent care so patients can be signposted to their closest optical practice.

Please reply to ankur.trivedi@primaryeyecare.co.uk


If you are closing then you need to log the closure with covid@primaryeyecare.co.uk.

Please see the info at HTTP://primaryeyecare.co.uk/covid-19/


November 2019

Wet AMD Fax Referral Now Re-available.

The recent problem with the wet AMD referral fax pathway has been addressed so that faxed referrals can again be sent.
It is preferable for all practices who have NHS.net accounts to use email referral and send secure referrals to :ghn-tr.AMDteam@nhs.net‚Äč
This situation has highlighted the importance of optical practices having NHS.net addresses. ALL NHS FAX MACHINES WILL BE SWITCHED OFF BY 31st MARCH 2020.
The LOC strongly encourages all practices to ensure they will be able to offer their patients timely access to hospital care by using NHS.net. Please take action now before all fax machines are decommissioned.

October 2019

Gloucestershire Sight Loss Council 

A new publicity leaflet issued by Gloucestershire Sight Loss Council can be downloaded from our 'Low Vision' page, where you will also find the link to the website for Sight Loss Councils.

Change to Rapid Access wAMD Service

We have been advised by the wAMD booking team that they are receiving a large volume of referrals and therefore it has become difficult to call all patients within 48 hours to arrange an appointment. 

From now on, patients will be sent an appointment letter via first class post, unless short notice appointments become available and thus a phone call is more appropriate. Therefore, we recommend that patients are advised that they will receive a letter within 5 working days of referral, if not they should contact the referring Optometrist for further advice. In these circumstances contact the ARMD Co-ordinator on  0300 4228533 to confirm the referral has been received.


The AMD team have confirmed that the two week wait for the appointment is still applicable, depending on demand and availability of clinics.


The Rapid Access Referral form is currently being updated to reflect this by the wAMD team and we will make it available via email and the LOC website in due course.


September 2019 

Wet AMD Referral Form Version 6.3

Version 6.3 updates the e-mail address for secure nhs.net referral to ghn-tr.AMDteam@nhs.net

Please use this version from now on.

YAG Laser Referral Form Version 2

A new version of the Direct Referral Form for patients requiring YAG capsulotomy is now available on the right of this page and from our 'Forms and Leaflets to Download' page . This incorporates the change of Central Booking Office address. Please use this form from now on.

Hydroxychloroquine Screening Guidance

A new screening pathway has been established in Gloucestershire for those patients taking Hydroxychloroquine. Please see the full guidance document on the right of this page.


April 2019 - Central Booking Office Postal Address Change

The Central Booking Office for Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has moved since April 2019.

Any post that has been sent to the old address should have been forwarded and actioned - however it may be prudent to follow up for any patients that have not heard from the CBO.

The new address is;

8 Pulman Court
Great Western Road

Please use this address from now on.


March 2019 - Central Booking Office Fax Switch-Off

The fax at the Central Booking Office (CBO) for GHNHSFT has been switched off since 1st March 2019. Routine referrals can still be made via the patient's GP. If you have an NHS.net email address, you can use this to refer to CBO at ghn-tr.ophthalmologyappts@nhs.net  (The general email address for the CBO is Ghn-tr.centralbooking@nhs.net)

Please note: The Fax switch off does not include the WetAMD direct referral.

This is still active - please make sure you use the fax number on the latest version of the Wet AMD referral form on this website -Version 6.3


December 2018 - 'Seeing Beyond the Eyes' Low Vision Resource now available

Visualise Training and Consultancy with the support of the Thomas Pocklington Trust have produced a free resource pack for health professionals. The 'Seeing Beyond the Eyes' resource pack includes a wide range of information to assist in the referral and support of the visually impaired. The pack can be obtained here.


February 2018 - Data Security and Protection Requirements

LOCSU guidance on implementing the new data security and protection requirements is now available. Compliance is required by all providers of Eye Health Services under the NHS Standard Contract. The standards do not apply to GOS contracts.

Download the guidance document here

May 2017 - NHS Complaints Advice

A new page giving guidance on dealing with patient complaints is now available. See the menu on the left or click here  

February 2017- Dry Eye Guideline

A document giving guidance on prescribing for dry eye in the NHS in Gloucestershire is now available and can be downloaded from our 'Dry Eye' page.

November 2016 - Children's Vision Service

The next phase of the Community Eyecare Contract, the Children's Vision Service is due to go live on 4th January 2017 and referrals should start to arrive in practice around the end of January.

For more information on how to participate please visit the Primary Eyecare Gloucestershire website here

August 2016 - Flashes and Floaters service

The new 'Flashes and Floaters' service will launch on the 3rd October. In preparation all optometrists looking to provide the new service need to complete the WOPEC Minor Eye Conditions Service (MECS) module. Please contact Adrian Street (Gloucestershire LOC Secretary) to request your module code.

4th July 2016 - Cataract: Post Op Follow Ups (1st Phase: 2nd Eyes) goes live

The next element of the Gloucestershire Community Eye Health Service launches on July 4th. When patients have their second cataract removed by the hospital eye service (HES) with straightforward uncomplicated surgery, they are booked in for their 4 week post op follow up with an accredited community optometrist.

The benefits of this service to patients are:

  •  One less appointment at the hospital eye service. 
  •  A single appointment in the community allows the post- op refraction to be checked whilst checking the eye has healed well with no post-operative complications.

At the LOC AGM on the 15th June we have Mr Fadi Alkherdahji presenting on the subject of cataract post-op complications to support the launch of this service.

Please respond to clinical@peglos.org.uk by June 10th to indicate that you are interested in providing this service.

May 31st 2016 - Community Eyecare Services for Glaucoma and Direct Cataract Referral go live

The first elements of Primary Eyecare Gloucestershire'sCommunity Eyecare Services are live from May 31st . These are


  • Repeat Readings - this service allows for raised IOPs and/or visual field defect suspicious of glaucoma to be confirmed as repeatable before onward referral to secondary care.
  • Enhanced Case Finding - this element allows for fully informed referrals for glaucoma to be made to secondary care.

These elements replace the existing Gloucestershire Referral Refinement Scheme.

Cataract Direct Referral

This allows for the direct referral of patients with operable cataract to hospital. As a result more patients are managed in primary care, fewer unnecessary referrals are made and patient anxiety can be reduced by appropriate pre-operative counselling.

It replaces the Gloucestershire Direct Cataract Referral Scheme.

For more information about these schemes visit Primary Eyecare Gloucestershire  at HTTP://www.peglos.org.uk

7th March 2016

Enhanced Community Optometry Services

We are pleased to announce that the Gloucestershire LOC-formed company Primary Eyecare Gloucestershire (PEG) has negotiated with the Gloucestershire CCG to deliver Enhanced Community Optometry Services as follows:

  • Glaucoma

                 Repeat Measures

                 Enhanced Case Finding 

  • Children's Vision
  • Specified Minor Eye Conditions (Flashes and Floaters: Phase 1)
  • Cataract

                Cataract Direct Referral

                Cataract Post-Operative (2nd Eye Follow-up: Phase1)

We encourage all practitioners to respond with their intention to participate in the scheme by Monday 14th March 2016.

The first launch will be for the Glaucoma service on Tuesday 12th April 2016 at Kingsholm stadium, start time 6pm. This will include training in readiness for ‘go live’ on 2nd May 2016.

If you have any queries please contact PEG at

directors@peglos.org.uk or projectmanager@peglos.org.uk

19 May 2015

The existing 'NHS Area Team' for Gloucestershire has recently been restructured and is now part of:  NHS England South (South Central), which covers Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Berkshire, parts of Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire.

Georgina Axelson, Primary Care Senior Admin Support (Gloucestershire & Swindon), NHS England South (South Central), remains the contact for our area.

Sanger House, 5220 Valiant Court, Gloucester Business Park, Brockworth, Gloucester, GL3 4FE

Tel: 0113 825 3485

Safe Haven Fax: 0300 421 1853

Email: georgina.axelson@nhs.net

March 2015

Launch of the Gloucestershire LOC Online Discussion Forum

The LOC have set up an online forum for contractors and performers in Gloucestershire to share their news and views.  To participate please register at http:/www.loc-net.org.uk/forum/register.

Registration requires approval which may take 24-48 hours.  Once registered you will be able to log in and post messages on the 'Gloucestershire LOC matters' forum.  We look forward to hearing your views.

The Macular Society

The Macular Disease Society has changed it's name to the 'Macular Society'.  The link to the website can be found here.

The Macular Society offer several support groups across Gloucestershire, as well as W@M, a group specifically for younger, working-age adults with the disease. 

Professional membership to the Macular Society is free.

For more information please see our Low Vision page, the Macular Society website, or call the helpline on 0300 3030 111.

Contact us

If you have an issue you would like to raise or have any queries please email your comments and questions to

Alvaro Borges - Chair


Adrian Street - Secretary


LOC Administrator

With the development of direct referral initiatives within the county there are an increasing number of forms being created that are specific to Gloucestershire. Copies of the forms available can be accessed as downloads via the link above. If there are any further developments we will add to this list as and when we can in order to keep practitioners up to date.